Advanced Poker Tips

A free card is when you let your opponent or when you take advantage of seeing the next card without having to place a bet. Very similar to playing free blackjack players at all times need to be aware of what cards are being pulled in order to make calculated decisions and thus have a higher chance of winning.  Let us say you and an opponent is battling it out on a pot, you give your opponent a free card when you check. Continue reading “Advanced Poker Tips”

Playing Poker Online

The game of poker has evolved over the passed 125 years with many unique types of poker games one can play. Each type of game offers a separate and unique game play along with rules that are created for each. Within this article I will be going over the types and variants of poker and some of the basic rules and game ideas for each. Some poker players make a living playing particular poker games while others have the ability to specialize in more than one. Continue reading “Playing Poker Online”

The Role of Psychology in Poker

Poker is a card game that is immensely popular the world over. With the number of casinos, Internet poker game rooms and televised events constantly on the rise, it is no surprise that the game is perhaps the single most in demand across the globe. As newcomers look to pick up the tricks of the game and old-hands seek to better their techniques, literature in the form of instructions, tips, inside secrets and so on can be found to abound in the markets. Continue reading “The Role of Psychology in Poker”

Poker Tips

Whether you are playing poker just for fun or you have aspirations to be a professional poker player, one thing is certain—you are playing to win. Most players play in cash games and from time to time play in poker tournaments. There are also those who play in tournaments all year round. Whatever direction you are taking, you must set certain goals to improve your skills. Continue reading “Poker Tips”

Cheating in Poker

Cheating in any game refers to the use of unfair means to gain an advantage on the fellow opponents and it is the case with Poker too. A person can cheat the fellow players by many methods. Just to name a few out of them will be collusion, sleight of hand or using a few objects like marked cards or holdout devices. Continue reading “Cheating in Poker”