Urge to Win vs Gambling Addiction

Gambling is basically the urge felt by a person to earn a chunk of money in a quick and easy way. Though the pickings are always good the going is tough. There are a number of gambling dens that encourage this habit among the masses of people and it is a common sight to see youngsters as young as 20 years old trying their hand at this sport. A sport is a passion when it is maintained by the person however once a person forgets his/her aim in life he/she is led astray in the maze of life. Continue reading “Urge to Win vs Gambling Addiction”

Risks of Gambling

First and foremost let us find the answer to the question “Is gambling addictive?”┬áBasically stats will show that 90 out of a 100 people will agree with this fact. This is because just like alcohol and smoking gambling is one of the things that can cause a person to loose a sense of direction in his life. Continue reading “Risks of Gambling”